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Mir Caravan 2010

MIR Caravan 2010

Determined to highlight the changes since the fall of the Iron Curtain, to continue to question the boundaries and ideologies and to emphasize the need for dialogue and intercultural cooperation in Europe in the 21th century, the initiators Caravane MIR 1989 took to the road for a fantastic artistic journey that connected Brno, Frankfurt am Main, Villeneuve lez Avignon, Namur and Moscow during the summer of 2010. 

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  • Videos from 1989 MIR CARAVAN

    MIR CARAVAN 1989 took place between May and September , starting in Moscow, 186 people of 26 nationalities, travelled through Leningrad, Warsaw, Prague, West Berlin, Copenhagen, Basel, Lausanne, Blois and finished with 2 performances of a show created collectively ’on the road’ of "The Odyssey".

    This film, produced by Novosti? Moscowand directed by Andrei Karpov was the result.

    UNFORTUNATELY the film has a narration, spoken in a bad american accent, which was not agreed to by the collective. However, some of the images and interviews do give an idea of how the tour progressed.
    There are 6 parts drawn from the 2 episodes.

    We hope to produce a new - up to date documentary- 25 years on with interviews with the protagonists then and now.

    We are actively looking for images and film reportages from the time please write to us at







  • Condolences from all participants - Vaclav Havel

    18 December 2011

    ICE Colectivo - International Culture Exchanges
    Participant MIR Caravan 1989
    Patron MIR Caravan 2010

    It is with a heavy heart that we write this message of sympathy for the family and friends of Vaclav – we had the good fortune to meet during the passage of MIR Caravan in Prague in the summer of 1989; a friendship and artistic collaboration that was to last for 23 years.
    Divadlo Husa na Provasku (DHNP) were invited on the International tour MIR Caravan in 1989; nearly 200 artists and technicians drawn from ten International theatre groups comprising 26 nationalities. DHNP and their chief and mentor Petr Oslzly were responsible for the presentation of the MIR Caravan in Prague, the first independent theatre festival in over 30 years.
    The presence of MIR Caravan in Prague was the most politically relevant of the whole tour which took in the Soviet Union, Poland and Berlin from the eastern Countries. Vaclav Havel himself stated that the passage of MIR Caravan in Prague was like a dress rehearsal for the Velvet Revolution which took place only 4 months later. We had the good fortune to be able to meet and talk with him at his office at the back of a restaurant; he risked arrest when attending performances of the MIR Caravan. The members of Charter 77 were supportive of the artistic action and were militant in front of the repressive dictatorship of Gustàv Husàk.
    In 2010, Vaclav agreed to become the figurehead of the return of MIR Caravan to Moscow twenty years later, again DHNP were present though this time representing the Czech Republic, the group performed “The Pig or Vaclav Havel’s Hunt for a Pig” by Vaclav and also a part of the Havel CIRCUS.
    Several Companies from MIR Caravan took part in the first International Festival Theatre World in June 2010.
    The legacy of Vaclav Havel runs to more than just being an extraordinary playwright, dramaturg, director, film maker, social and political activist, and President of the Republic of Czechoslovakia – the force of his personality and his commitment to make the World a safer place will be his lasting testament.
    We have been deprived of one of the greatest Europeans.
    For and on behalf of ICE Colectivo – MIR Caravan
    Horacio Czertok (President)
    Danièle Marty (Treasurer)
    Pierre Olivier Laulanné (Vice-President)
    John Kilby (Co-ordinator)
    Rosalie Lakatos (Co-ordinator)


    Compagnie du Hasard (France) Compagnie du Hasard (France)

    Osmego Dnia (Poland) Osmego Dnia (Poland)

    Divadlo Husa Na Provasku (Czechoslovakia) Divadlo Husa Na Provasku (Czech Republic)

    Licedei (USSR) Slava’s Snowshow (Russia/France)

    Teatro Nucleo di Ferrara (Italy) Teatro Nucleo di Ferrara (Italy)

    Footsbarn Travelling Theatre (France) Ton und Kirschen (Germany)

    Circ Perillos (Catalunia) Buchinger’s Boot Marionettes (France)

    Svoya Igra (USSR) Baladins de Miroir (Belgium)

    Antagon Theatre (Germany)

    Artes Nomades (Belgium)

    Artmada (France)

    1989 Hosts and Organisers 2010

    Licedei (Moscow/Leningrad) Centre Slava Polunin (Moscow)

    UFA Fabrik (Berlin) UFA Fabrik (Germany)

    KIT (Copenhagen) Ville de Namur (Belgium)

    Ville de Basel (Switzerland) Summerwurft, Antagon Theater (Frankfurt)

    Festival de Lausanne (Switzerland) Villeneuve- en-Scène (Villeneuve-les-Avignon)

    Cie. Du Hasard, Blois (France) Theatre World Festival (Brno)

    Bi-Centenary French Revolution
    Jardin de Tuileries, Paris (France)

    Warsaw (Akademia Rocho)

    Prague (Charter 77/ Divadlo Husa Na Provasku )

    And the hundreds and thousands of people who have been touched inspired and influenced by Vaclav Havel…

  • MIR Caravan greets you !

    The 11 groups - Antagon TheaterAKTion, Buchinger’s Boot Marionettes, La Compagnie du Hasard, Divadlo Husa na Provazku, Les Baladins du Miroir, L’Artmada, Les Arts Nomades, Slava Polunin, Teatro Nucleo, Teatr Osmego Dnia et Ton und Kirschen Wandertheater – have taken the road home.

    In Namur, during 10 days, the groups proposed, 50 presentations of 15 different shows, more than 10 000 Namurois participated in the life of the MIR Caravan village.
    2500 people attended and discovered “ Le Rêve d’Europa “, a collective creation, created for the Theatre de Verdure’s Centenary on the 14th of August 2010. "Le Rêve d’Europa"

    During the 3 performance days in Moscow, more than 30 000 people joined the « White Carnival » and other shows at the village MIR for this the last caravanserai, the enthusiasm of the Muscovite public was truly a great satisfaction and reward for all of us.

    To see photos of the events, visit the site of Namurimage Namurimage, MIR Caravan 2010 release and also the press release

    The ICE Colectivo team and all the participators of MIR Caravan 2010 say a big « thank you » for your interest and support that you brought to the towns of Brno, Francfort, Villeneuve les Avignon, Namur et Moscou.

    We hope to see you soon for further adventures of ICE Colectivo!

  • New video MIR Caravan 1989

    Edited by Slava June 2014

    30 minute version
    See it here

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