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Yaga’s Fire

DURATION : 50 minutes / public from 10 years
CREATION : Collective creation

“Yaga’s Fire” inspired freely from the world of the legendary story of Baba Yaga. In Slavic mythology this witch is regarded as a pivotal figure of Russian shamanism.

Vasilissa the Wise, is a young mistreated and abused orphan who faces up to this terrible old woman. Aided by Pipi her doll she journeys through the spirit of the forest, transforms fear into ecstasy and joy and delights in the wonders she encounters ... discovering through the death experience, life ... . After some initiatory ordeals, she must discover the sacred fire.

Pig-woman, woman-snake, robot-cock, cockroaches all inhabit this theater of the unexpected. Overgrown trees, weeds, fungi and flowers invade this magical scene of the unspeakable.

Yaga’s Fire is an animated fairy tale reduced to the essential that delivers more than it tells, a dreamy mural populated by evocative sounds and ingenious mechanisms that lead us to explore fundamental sensations.



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