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MIR Caravan greets you !

Friday July 23rd 2010

The 11 groups - Antagon TheaterAKTion, Buchinger’s Boot Marionettes, La Compagnie du Hasard, Divadlo Husa na Provazku, Les Baladins du Miroir, L’Artmada, Les Arts Nomades, Slava Polunin, Teatro Nucleo, Teatr Osmego Dnia et Ton und Kirschen Wandertheater – have taken the road home.

In Namur, during 10 days, the groups proposed, 50 presentations of 15 different shows, more than 10 000 Namurois participated in the life of the MIR Caravan village.
2500 people attended and discovered “ Le Rêve d’Europa “, a collective creation, created for the Theatre de Verdure’s Centenary on the 14th of August 2010. "Le Rêve d’Europa"

During the 3 performance days in Moscow, more than 30 000 people joined the « White Carnival » and other shows at the village MIR for this the last caravanserai, the enthusiasm of the Muscovite public was truly a great satisfaction and reward for all of us.

To see photos of the events, visit the site of Namurimage Namurimage, MIR Caravan 2010 release and also the press release

The ICE Colectivo team and all the participators of MIR Caravan 2010 say a big « thank you » for your interest and support that you brought to the towns of Brno, Francfort, Villeneuve les Avignon, Namur et Moscou.

We hope to see you soon for further adventures of ICE Colectivo!